Why Join Real Brokerage?

When you join Real, you become part of a family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate experience. Learn more about how we empower our agents with world-class education, strategic partnership and stock awards.

Wealth-Building Opportunities

Real offers unique financial benefits through various stock plans and award programs. Agents can earn stock awards based on their commissions and achievements, providing an additional avenue for wealth generation beyond traditional commission earnings.

The tiered revenue share program allows agents to earn additional income by referring new agents. This model encourages growth of the agent network and offers financial rewards for successful referrals, creating potential for passive income streams.

Training and Education

Real Brokerage is committed to the continuous professional development of its agents. They provide access to live training, education sessions with industry leaders, and a library of on-demand classes, ensuring that agents stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices.

Additionally, Real boasts a large, supportive community of agents. This network provides opportunities for learning, collaboration, and professional growth, which can be especially beneficial for new agents or those looking to expand their business.

Innovative Technology

Real Brokerage provides agents with cutting-edge technology tools to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Tools like Chime CRM, Workplace by Meta, and reZEN (transaction management software) are designed to streamline processes and facilitate better client engagement.

Technology is also the foundation behind our agent flexibility and autonomy. As a cloud-based brokerage, Real offers agents the possibility to work from anywhere. This level of autonomy can be particularly appealing to agents who prefer a more independent work style.

Upcoming Enhancements

The company is continually updating its offerings, with plans to introduce tools like Real Signature (an alternative to DocuSign) and a consumer app that connects buyers with mortgage providers, further enhancing the real estate transaction process.

Every improvement is intrinsically aligned with Real's client satisfaction fopcus: Real Brokerage places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, which aligns with building a positive reputation and long-term client relationships.

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